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What is the National Fire Sprinkler Network?

The NFSN is a network that includes all UK Fire and Rescue Services, representatives from sprinkler manufacturers, installers, BAFSA and the insurance sector.

How to join National Fire Sprinkler Network

NFSN welcomes applications for membership from any organisation which has an interest in the promotion of sprinkler protection as the most effective way to save lives against a fire.

Sprinkler saves UK

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About sprinkler saves

Sprinkler Saves Uk works closely with our Fire Rescue Service representatives, sprinkler industry colleagues to collate, promote sprinkler activations. The details of the incidents provide further evidence of the reliability and effectiveness of sprinkler systems in containing, controlling, and extinguishing fires, protecting life, and preventing fire damage . Raising awareness of the importance of collating sprinkler saves from across the United Kingdom so societal awareness of the true value of sprinklers can be increased.

What is a sprinkler save?

A sprinkler save is categorised as where one or more sprinkler heads have activated and contained, controlled or in some cases, extinguished a building fire. The story around the incident provides powerful evidence of the ability of sprinklers to protect life, firefighters, and property from fire.

Reporting saves

Your continued support reporting, collating sprinkler saves makes a difference. If you have information regarding a Sprinkler Save please share it with the Sprinkler Saves co-ordinator Nick Coleshill by emailing:

or completing the:

Sprinkler Saves reporting form

The benefit of which will allow this good news story to be promoted to a wider audience.
NFSN Chair - Rob Barber (Chief Fire Officer)

The NFSN Vice Chairman - Iain Cox

The NFSN Secretary - Terry McDermott

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